The Site Remediation Professional Licensing (SRPL) Board has issued a document entitled “A New Jersey Property Owner’s Guide to Hiring Licensed Site Remediation Professionals.” The document is available here.

The guide is intended to assist any responsible party, but especially home owners and small business owners who are responsible for conducting remediation, when hiring a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP). It provides a brief explanation of the remediation process, what an LSRP is and does, how the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection is involved, and important considerations for hiring an LSRP.

Many of the calls and complaints received by the Board are related to contracts and charges from LSRPs, issues which are not under the jurisdiction of the Board. This guide will inform responsible parties and aid them in negotiating a fair and effective contract that meets their needs and avoids conflicts throughout the remediation process. More information on the SRPL Board can be found here.