NJBA Board Meeting Temporarily Delayed

In light of President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency and the ongoing global COVID-19 public health crisis, NJBA Elected Officers and General Counsel have agreed that the NJBA Board of Directors meeting will be temporarily delayed as we continue to monitor and assess this crisis. All business associated with this meeting, including the election and installation of the 2020-2021 NJBA Officers, will be delayed until further notice. The current slate of Officers will remain in place for the time being. We will provide you with an update prior to the end of the month.

Construction Activity Inquiries

NJBA is aware of the challenges that many of you are encountering as the various levels of government react in a multitude of ways to protect the health and safety of our State’s residents. Many governmental entities have already decided to shut down all non-essential services while some have begun to allow employees to telecommute. Obviously, this will have a serious impact on how government functions and will likely lead to disruptions in your business operations.

We are in contact with officials from the Murphy Administration, as well as legislative leadership, and are communicating our concerns and the impacts on our membership. Additionally, the Assembly and Senate are in the process of passing a large package of bills designed to mitigate harm on your business and employees. We will follow-up with additional information later this week and continue to provide updates when appropriate.