Last week, Governor Murphy signed A5820/S3866 (Coughlin/Sweeney) into law as P.L.2021 c.104 enabling the end of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency that has been in place since March 9, 2020. Governor Murphy also signed Executive Order No. 244, ending the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency. As a result of this action, the majority of executive orders issued pursuant to the Public Health Emergency will expire on July 4, 2021. For instance, Executive Order No. 192 will still be in effect until July 4th, which governs workplace health and safety standards. To stay posted on the lasted workplace health and safety standards, please click here.

However, the law extended certain Executive Orders until January 1, 2022, unless the Governor revokes or modifies the Executive Orders before then. Of significant importance to the real estate industry is Executive Order No. 106, which enacts a moratorium on removals of individuals due to evictions and foreclosures.

The lifting of the Public Health Emergency will impact projects extended under the Permit Extension Act of 2020 and change other permit processing deadlines at DEP. To learn more about the specific impacts at DEP, read this update from Steven Dalton, Esq. of NJBA Environmental Counsel and Patron Sponsor firm Giordano, Halleran & Ciesla, P.C.