The Voice of MXD Construction


New Jersey Mixed-Use Developers (MXD), an affiliate of the New Jersey Builders Association (NJBA), was formed in June 2011 to unite leaders in residential, commercial, redevelopment and mixed-use development.

Our Mission

MXD’s mission is to represent the interests of the developers and associated businesses involved in the construction of multi-family housing, retail and office space to form a single advocacy voice for policies and regulations that affect mixed-use development. MXD members provide a wide array of diverse housing choices to individuals of all income levels in both suburban and urban environments and are helping to meet the growing demand for vibrant downtowns which support our state’s economic growth. MXD’s legislative and regulatory priorities focus on: affordable housing, economic development, environmental affairs, financial incentives, building codes, land use, permit process, regulatory reform, and strategic planning.

The Growing Mixed-Use Trend

Over the next two decades, 78 million Baby Boomers and 82 million of their children (Generation Y aka Millennials) will be on the move! That’s 160 million people making new housing choices. Baby Boomers are downsizing while Millennials are starting their careers and establishing financial independence. Experts predict that a significant segment of both generations will desire “live-work-play” communities. Baby Boomers want easy access to entertainment venues, culture, history, dining, and shopping, while Millennials desire urban transit hubs with recreational and social opportunities nearby.

In New Jersey, we are already experiencing this mega-trend in the upsurge in the demand for mixed-use development. Multi-family housing permits now represent approximately two thirds of all building permits issued in New Jersey. Mixed-use development is the sector with the greatest potential for growth and will likely comprise a large portion of new development in New Jersey for the foreseeable future. Yet, there are barriers that impede this type of development and many of the State’s policies do not reflect the evolution of land use patterns.

With the increasing demand and numerous benefits of mixed-use development, the Garden State needs to be positioned to meet the needs of this market to offer desirable “live-work-play” communities.

MXD utilizes the power and resources of the New Jersey Builders Association to advance the production of mixed-use development in New Jersey. While homeownership remains of paramount importance to a large segment of the population, other residents want rentals, which offer an all-inclusive approach to housing with amenities to complement their individual lifestyles. In order to respond to the market demand, builders needs to offer different types of housing choices for those who want to live in a suburban area, as well as those who prefer a mixed-use option in an urban setting. This emerging trend in development brings residential, commercial and mixed-use development together to enhance the type of housing choices for residents.

NJ Mixed-Use Developers Sponsors

The MXD Sponsorship Program presents members the opportunity to demonstrating their support to the MXD affiliate. MXD Sponsorship gives Associate members the ability to network and meet with leaders in NJ’s mixed-use development market.

Become a Sponsor

Mixed-use development is on the rise in New Jersey and will comprise a large portion of future construction in New Jersey. MXD Sponsorship gives you high visibility and access to the leaders MXD. MXD Sponsors will benefit from:

  • Exclusive opportunity to network with MXD Builder Members
  • Invitation to MXD meetings for one company representative
  • Introduction to leaders in MXD
  • Opportunity to develop and present on seminar panels to demonstrate the expertise that you can provide to MXD members
  • Use of the MXD logo on your promotional pieces

Position your company as a leader in this influential and esteemed association. Showcase the value you can bring as a business associate with high production multi-family/mixed-use builders. Be a part of the Voice of MXD Construction. Call 609-570-2157 or email information@njba.org to learn more about sponsorship options today!

Become a Builder Member

Join MXD to help ensure legislation and regulations are passed to promote mixed-use development.

MXD Builder Members will benefit from:

  • NJBA’s position of strength in Trenton
  • Access to the leading advocates in support of the development community
  • Representation before the Legislature, courts and regulatory agencies
  • Collaborative and proactive approach to advocacy
  • Legislative and regulatory updates
  • Industry research and data
  • Involvement on NJBA committees
  • NJBA Member Benefits

The Annual Membership Dues (non-refundable upon membership approval) for a Builder Member are $3,500.

Click here to download the MXD Builder Member Application form.

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